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Company Overview

In view of the rapid changes in the Information Technology (IT) industry in the East African region, WINGUAPPS LTD offers strategic solutions especially designed to meet the client’s needs across a wide range of sectors: government, semi-government, non-profit, businesses and others.

WINGUAPPS provides total IT solutions, develops e-commerce applications, and designs and manages professional web sites, portals & interactive communities.

Our professional team at WINGUAPPS, first listens to the client’s needs, and then utilizes the best new technologies to build significantly tailored solutions which meet the utmost clients’ business requirements, helping them to secure a competitive edge in an increasingly changing global market. We rely on the clients’ success through our solutions as the measure of our own success.

Research and development forms an essential part of our activities. We make sure to offer our valued customers only the best selected solutions, supported by impartial recommendations from several external sources as well.

WINGUAPPS’s staff team comprises highly-qualified technical staff. Their skills cover all aspects required to provide integrated IT solutions. In addition to that, the management team has extensive experience in the IT field.


  • Shining among our competitors in the East African region, WINGUAPPS offers its clients a winning formula: tailor-made solutions at competitive prices delivered by our highly professional team on time, to reach our clients’ up most satisfaction. We always care about every detail therefore you will find the WINGUAPPS touch uniquely personal.

  • Our creative team works hand-in-hand with every client to identify and provide the solutions best suited to their business needs, and are thus ready to provide advice and support long after project implementation.


  • While we aim to deliver each project on time and according to best practice high standards, our bottomup approach keeps the client fully aware of all the project’s stages all the time. This approach allows the client to overview the final design, while we work on the development of the individual requirements of the project, and follow its progress from inception to completion.


  • Far from re-inventing the wheel, WINGUAPPS is ready to customize software solutions from global leaders whenever they are the most appropriate for the task in hand. We always use state-of-the-art software from internationally recognized vendors, adding to this the proven expertise of our highly trained team of professionals.


Industry Experience